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Each episode the three eternally fighting brothers, Alan and Jeffrey and Jeremy, gather together around their mother's kitchen table about talk about UFC and MMA, WWE and professional wrestling, or which of them is the best son. Contact the show at or find the show online at
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Jun 29, 2017

Hey FightBros, little audio issue with this episode. Alan's mic was hot THE ENTIRE TIME, so you will hear a slight whine throughout the episode. We apologize in advance.

Since there's no UFC event to cover, Jeremy and Alan talk about the news of the week in MMA. Then they discuss two segments from this week's WWE TV, the Ball Smashing Ball segment, and the Womens Money in the Bank Redux! Then Alan has some thoughts on last week's episode of LU, and then they chose the show with a new segment, Wrestling with the Indies

Links for the Chuck Taylor segment

Chuck Taylor kills Soldier Ant with a grenade

Chuck Taylor won't hit a woman


Chuck Taylor Funniest Moments

Jun 23, 2017

Hey there FightBros, this is a solo show!!! All Jeffrey all the time! #SAD

But in this episode Jeffrey covers the UFC FN 111 that was, looking at the main event, the SNOREFEST. Then he covers the card for Fight Night 112, and the week's MMA news.

Then he has some notes for the week in WWE television, and then has what must be a full body sploosh over the announced competitors for New Japan's G1 Climax.

Jun 16, 2017

This is a two brothers show. Alan and Jeffrey gather to discuss all that was in the weeks of combat sports while Jeremy is off being a good dad.

We cover the Fight Night 111 main event, or The Clash of Who Cares. Not much else to talk about for that show!

And then we spend WAAAAY too much time talking about the Mayweather/McGregor fight, which finally has an announced date of August 26th. We all know how this is going to go and we just need to get comfortable with the fact that it will dominate MMA news for the next few months.

Then Alan and Jeffrey try to keep yawning while talking about this week in WWE. They fail, but they do not fail in gushing, splooshing over  Dominion! It was, as they say, epic. And after come technical difficulties are cleared up, Alan closes out the show with a discussion of LU and the Cueto Cup.


Jun 13, 2017

Welcome to this special episode of FWMB. In it your favorite podcasters deliver their commentary track for one of the matches from this past weekend's NJPW Dominion 2017. By commentary, we me they call the match like Good Old JR or Michael Cole or other famous commentators. Jeffrey is the play by play man, while Alan and Jeremy mostly talk shit to each other and get hyped.

This is an experiment from FWMB so it is a little rough, but we had a fun time making it and hope you like it too!

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Jun 10, 2017

This episode is an all brothers pod. Alan, Jeremy, and Jeffrey are here to talk about the upcoming snore-fest that will be UFC Fight Night 110 from Australia. With only two decent fights on the card, and as Jeffrey is happy to say, lots of local yokels to fill out the under card, don't expect much from this show.

Jeffrey again presents a live reading of Mike Perry's account of his run in with Jeremy Stephens, DOUBLE HANDS, TO THE CHEST!

And then the boys get down to talking wrestling. Alan and Jeremy have both been unhappy recently with WWE, and have grown to feel like watching Raw and SDL are a chose. Instead, they want to watch all the other great wrestling that's now. And so this week they talk about the return of Lucha Underground and the upcoming NJPW Dominion show.

#JellyBeans is back.

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Jun 1, 2017

Welcome to Fighting With My Brothers. From the jump we should announce that the jelly beans are back, and you can hear her in the background of this episode. She has a new dingle-bell collar that cannot be silenced.

But in this new episode, your favorite podcasters talk about the upcoming UFC 212 from Brazil. Aside from the top 3 bouts, this show doesn't have much to attract the casual viewer, if even the hardcore fan.

The brothers also talk about events and news in Invicta and other stories from the world of women's MMA, as well as the continuing saga of GSP's return.

Finally, they talk about WWE and the upcoming Extreme Rules ppv. Not much new content in this show, as we've seen 4 of the matches already. Should be a real snoozer.

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